GTX260m 3DVision with VGA


Oct 31, 2009
I am wonding if it is possible to take a VGA cable to one of the 120Hz displays and set up 3D Vision. The cable has 120Hz ability but is there a DVI adaptor that will work with this?
What you should know:
Modern graphics cards with DVI outputs have BOTH pins for DVI and VGA. This format is called DVI-I (Integrated). When you use a VGA "adapter" you are simply connecting to the VGA pins and none of the DVI digital ones. A DVI cable, on the other hand, does NOT connect to any of the VGA ones.

If your display input is VGA, you will need a VGA cable and the "adapter" (unless your card has a straight VGA connection).

If your screen has a DVI input you will need a DVI cable.

I'm not quite sure on what your issue is so I can't help further.