Question gtx560ti psu problem!!!

May 19, 2019
Hi Guys ,

So i have a Dell Optilex 9020 which i had bought 3 years ago. I Haven't done any modifcations to it or have i upgraded anything except my GPU.
I play csgo and wanted a graphic card for it so i bought a gtx750ti and used to get stable 300+ fps.
I had been out of country for studies for a year and my pc had not been used by anyone had got dusty and didnt perform well.
After the new updates of the game i tried playing it again with my gtx750ti card , i was not able to play as it says nvidia has stopped working ..
and i got green , red , pink ,boxes all around my scree. Googled it and found that my card was damaged , tried the baking card method as i had nothing to lose and then i tried it again , then my pc wouldnt switch on after plugging my card inside my cpu. I found out that the gtx750ti after baking had shorted the system and wouldnt turn it on. I fixed that with the help of a technician ( dont know anything about pcs :( )

So Now i have this gpu which my friend had given me a year back said i could use it if i wanted to , but i had a gtx750ti.
I tried installing the gtx560ti like 750ti , but the fan of the gpu would run but there is no display. I looked at the card then it has 2x 6pin holes
But i dont have any wire which i can use for it and even if i did i dont know where to connect the wires to.
Googled alot and found people saying use adapters or molex etc , i have a 290W Dell Powersupply and i saw a thread saying that a person used this power supply and ran the gtx560ti with adapters smoothly without any problems. Please help me about what to do im a total noob in this.
Even my friend had a 290W powersupply and he ran it smoothly , hes out of the country and cant contact him due to some reasons.
Please help

Dell Optilex 9020
Intel Core i7 4770k 3.40Ghz
500GB Seagate
4GB RAM Samsung
Dell 290W PSU
May 19, 2019
Sorry about that , my brother had spammed it.
But ive seen threads in which ive read people running that gpu using adapters.
The card uses only 60W , Can you suggest which adapter to get as i dont know about it.
Using Molex Adapters is not recommended. You need to buy a proper PSU which can handle the card easily, and your card requires 2 6-PIN PCI-e connectors, which needs to be plugged into the 2*6-pin socket of the card.

Your card has a power draw rated at 170 W maximum, not 60 W.
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