GTX580 and my 32" 1080p LG TV


Oct 24, 2011
Hey guys,

I'm shipping my new build soon, and I was wondering if you think a single Nvidia GTX 580 will be powerful enough to max out all games (Skyrim, BF3, SWTOR) on my 32" 1080p LG LCD tv? (system includes i7 2600k, Crucial M4 SSD, and Corsair Dominator 8gb, as well as other great parts, but thats the general overview)....or should I buy an Asus 24" LED monitor? Any advice is appreciated!
^ huh makes no sense a 32" tv can easily run at 1080p ! it just depends on what that particular displays native resolution is...

but personally I would not be gaming on a giant tv, how the hell can you use a kboard/mouse on your couch!?

but in the end to the OP id get a gtx 570 and call it a day the 580 just does not represent good price/perf imo even with there new reduced price tag of around 450-480 dollars, not worth it...
The 580 is a great card and will certianly run BF3 on the 32" it will depend on what these games are when they are released , BF3 was changed just before release and people thinking they were going to max out on ultra were left scratching thier heads. I don't believe one 580 will max out BF3 on ultra settings. The game maxes out at 200fps , I have three GTX 580's in three way sli and I got it up to 190 fps.
when considering the gtx 580 it is a great card, and I think you can achieve ultra and no AA pre or post; SURE, but once AA is applied (especially pre) is where I see a drop off personally I have to run it on all high and no aa 16xaf with my oc'ed gtx 560ti to get 60+fps @ 1200p

the extra vram might help but I couldnt imagine by much, in the end the game looks amazing even on high so Id go for the higher fps by scaling back a setting or two, which will make you a better player online from the flawless fps