GTX580 SLI Picture Quality


Nov 8, 2011
Hey guys,

Thanks for looking at my query.

I have a little bit of a problem. I recently installed a second EVGA GTX580 Card in my rig, and I am getting a very weird picture quality. The contrast performance is poor as well as an extreme amount of sharpness, akin to watching raw video shot in front of a blue-screen. I've included a screenshot below if you want to check it out. Thus far I have troubleshooted with one card only which works fine, and plugged my rig into 3 televisions but with no luck on that end. Also I have played around with the nVidia control panel settings again to no avail. I would very much like to resolve this issue so I can attain the proper level of performance from these cards.

My rig is as follows:

P8P67 Pro Motherboard
Intel I7-2600K
G.Skill Ripjaw Ram, 1600@1.6v
Corsair HX 1050 PSU

(Current Drivers installed)