GTX670 4-way SLI support


Jun 22, 2012
will any of these three cards support 4-way SLI?

Gigabyte GV-N670OC-4GD

Galaxy 67NQH6DN6KXZ

Asus GTX670-DC2-4GD5

I'm using the 3930k with the MSI Big Bang motherboard, 64GB of RAM and a SSD if any of that information helps.
Erm, yeah, the cards support it, but your CPU and motherboard will croak.

Why do you even WANT quad-sli anyways? The benefits over two cards aren't amazing.

Keep in mind, running four cards does NOT mean you have four times the rendering power - only that you've spent four times the money.

I guarantee you that, as much as I love the 670, whatever your task is, there's a better option.