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Gtx690 vram and the next generation of games


Nov 3, 2008
I've come across a good enough sell to be able to afford this awesome card in my new build, but as excited as I am, the video ram has me worried. I feel like Nvidia is really cutting it close with only 2gb.

Lastibility is the most important part of this purchase for me and I really figure to see this purchase carry well into the next console generation and run those games with just as much if not better quality and at a greater resolution. However, will games at that point be using much more than the 2gb video ram that this card carries?

I know arma 3 is good example of such a game that will easily exceed current vram, but will that soon become standard by 2013/2014 or whenever the consoles launch? I guess what I'm asking is how future proof is the gtx690 really?


"The 4GB -- Realistically there was not one game that we tested that could benefit from the two extra GB's of graphics memory. Even at 2560x1600 (which is a massive 4 Mpixels resolution) there was just no measurable difference.

Now the setup could benefit from triple monitor setups at 5760x1080 (which is a 6 Mpixels resolution), but even there I doubt if 4 GB is really something you'd need to spend money on. It might make a difference at 16xAA and the most stringent games, or if you game in 3D Stereo and triple monitor gaming -- I mean sure -- at any point graphics memory can and will run out. There's one exception to the rule, and that's Skyrim all beefed, tweaked and modded upwards. But the universal question remains, is it worth it investing in that extra memory? This card is 90 EUR more expensive. Well that answer depends on pricing versus your demands and requriements really, the extra memory certainly won't hurt that's for sure, but sure -- the benefits remains small."


Sep 11, 2011
2GB per GPU, you mean? I wasn't aware that the 690 had only 2GB total, thought it had 4. But put it this way - Battlefield 3 is the first game that can use more than 1GB VRAM at 1080p. On my cards it uses 1.2-1.5, normally. You need to realise that 2GB is actually over standard (1GB is the norm really) and that should easily last you till 2013/14. I wouldn't stress over it, there is a reason that nVidia is making their top of the range cards 2GB while AMD is doing 3 - 2 is plenty.