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Question GTX970 needs to warmup in order to work?

Mar 26, 2020
Hello, for about 2 months I have a problem with my graphic card: Gigabyte GTX970 which under load restarts pc.

PC reboots in the exact moment when I start playing game (after cutscenes, when every model etc. should shown up) like Doom or Tomb Raider but works in league of legens. I can't benchmark in Furmark because the moment screen with torus appear in the next second PC restarts.

Things I have done so far:

-install drivers which worked before

-use ddu and reinstall drivers

Today I wanted to try a different approach and used MSI Afterburner to lower gpu power limit.

I started with 50% run furmark and everything worked(no reset), then 60% same, 70,80,87% everything was fine. But when I slide it to 90% and run furmark, PC instantly rebooted.

I though "Ok, so I'll start from maybe 80% just to be sure". After pc was up again I slided power limit to 80%, run furmark and instantly pc rebooted. Then I tried again from 50% and everything worked again to almost 90% power limit.

What do you guys think?


Intel Core i5-6600K 4.6 OC

4xKingston HyperX FURY DDR4 DIMM 4GB 2133MHz


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 OC 4GB GDDR5 (256 bit) (GV-N970WF3OC-4GD)

Thermaltake Smart SE 530W

Whole pc is about 4 years old and all this time everything was working fine.
I think there is something faulty with the GPU....and basically when either the current or the voltage gets to a certain level in the circuit.....it causes something to fail and you get a crash.

I think you could run at reduced power....but even this may not last long as the condition may deteriorate.