Question GTX980 Fans constantly turn on and off/ramp up at idle


Jan 2, 2015
Hi all,

I recently purchased an ASUS ROG GTX 980 MATRIX off a friend of a friend after my old one let out the magic smoke one day. Since installing it, however, the fans constantly ramp up and down every few seconds at idle. I can see on a graph that the fan speed % doesn't change but the fan rpm drops from 0-2000 every few seconds, and the fan that turns off under low load is stopping and starting. Even after fixing the fan speed %, the behaviour continues until about 60% where it stays constant (but quite loud). Whilst the problem goes away under load, it makes doing light work on the computer unbearable without headphones to cover the noise.

After some research, I used DDU to uninstall the drivers, as a previously had a gigabyte gtx980 and wondered if it was some older fan profile clashing. I also uninstalled any afterburner-esque programs which would be influencing the fans. After uninstalling the drivers and coming out of safe mode... it stopped! Only to start again when I installed the drivers again through Geforce experience. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Should I be installing drivers from another source? Am I SOL? As far as I know, the card is fairly new but I have no idea where it was purchased from to send it in for RMA as some forums suggested (if it's even eligible for an RMA...)