Mar 19, 2012
Hi I have a D-Link 655 and I want to restrict my guest zone more.

1. Is there a way I can make devices disconnect if they're not active after 30 mins?
2. Is there a way that I can restrict my Guest Zone to ONLY use b and g NOT n?

Thank you for all the help!


Sep 29, 2012
Mostly no you will need a more advanced router....one that can run dd-wrt software gives the most option.

Even if it did have a inactivity timeout feature most machines always send small amount of traffic.

On a router with a single radio you do not want to run multiple encoding. The router will switch back and forth between these and it does not work well. Many time the slowest machine will force everyone else to slow down because of all the errors it causes. How well this works really is dependent on how many machines and how much traffic there is.

You would really want a router with multiple physical radios that you could lock each one to a different encoding and then assign you ssid accordingly. There are not easy to find in consumer grade equipment. The latest trick is to use a single radio to do 2.4g and 5g so now you have the radio switching around even more.