Guide to Overclock Ryzen 1600

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Oct 22, 2017
Hey evryone,

I would like if someone could give me a guide to OC my ryzen 1600. My motherboard is MSI B350 Gaming Plus, Crucial 2400Mhz (gb (4x4) and im using the AMD Stock Cooler that comes in the box.

So, i've seen people saying that i can OC with this Stock Cooler to 3.8Ghz. But i want to know, how many voltage do i need to put, and how . Should i do the OC at AMD Ryzen Master Software or directly in the BIOS ?

I currently play PUBG and CS GO. Am i going see any difference at playing these games after overclock it from 3.4Ghz to 3.8Ghz ? Like: FPS boost or something like it...

something like this:

you sould always oc via the bios. it's much more stable. Ryzen Master tends to use auto setting, which can over-volt.

You should be looking at about 1.35 vcore, and a multiplier of 38 for 3.8ghz. Start low, and work your way up stress testing with something like Prime 95 for stability, and get to your highest stable OC. Although the stock cooler is ok, use something like HWmon to monitor you CPU temps while stressing.
Ideally you want your temps to be about 29-35 idle, 45-60 gaming and about 70-80c full load. If when your stressing and you hit 80c or more, it's time to back it off, and settle for 3.7 or whatever gives you lower temps.

My 1600x is at 3.85ghz with 1.3 vcore. My temps at stress load are about 75c. I've a wraith max cooler. I can push it a little more, but it varies from chip to chip, and the 1600x in theory, can xfr to get another 100mhz.
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