Guild wars 2 and diablo 3


Apr 7, 2012
Hello,people of toms hardware my name is roody i am looking for a PC build which i have been look for about 3 months now for the games im trying to play : guild wars 2 phantasy star online 2, and diablo 3 maybe.

Budget: 400-600 max but i can be like around 630's but it cant be 700
time to buy it : im looking to buy it before diablo 3 comes out

my laptop has all the necessary specs but the video card so i will have to buy a desktop my laptop is a Samsung rv511 AO1 ..the specs for it wont matter since i cant upgrade it and my specs for my old desktop is ( if i recall) windows xp sp3 256mb ram 160gb graphics intel hd matherbord im not sure.. but yup that's all.. i would really appreciate if u guys can help me