Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft


Oct 28, 2012
Please help I don't know what one to get. The things I want is.......
A good community
Being able to explore alot and I like the idea of using animals to fly around
I'm not a big fan of paying the $15 but I will
Good weapons/Armour

BTW!!!! I am new to MMOs I DO NOT know alot about them and I have never played one before
I cannot speak for Guild Wars 2, but I can for World of Warcraft, as I have dedicated over 5000 hours of my life to it.

First of all, you have to understand that it is an old game. It is mature - it's around for 8 years now. Because of that, the resources available on game knowledge are huge: each class has their own whole mathematical theories on how to maximize the gameplay. The graphics engine is extremely old, they began making it in 1999, but it still looks decent, and they are upgrading it incrementally. For example, SSAO was just added.

You say you want good community. What makes the community good for you? World of Warcraft community, as the game itself, is old. It has seen a lot: huge, 40 player raids turning into 25 and 10 man raiding, encounters going from simple tank 'n spank encounters to complicated encounters that challenges every single person of your raid, from the gear being something only the most dedicated raiders could atain, to gear being accessible to every person who can put just a little bit of effort. Some people were happy with these changes, and some were not. As the result, World of Warcraft forums are full of complaints and whines.

The game itself has two kinds of human interactions. The first one, which is most oftenly met first in game, and doesn't really reflect what the game has to offer, is random people in dungeons, battlegrounds and the world. Usually, these interactions are cold, sometimes even mean. There is another side of it, though: the realm community and guilds. It's probably the best interactions any game in the world has to offer: I made countless friends in my journey of Warcraft, and ultimately, the game is all about playing together with these people. Trust me on this one: if you play World of Warcraft with only random players through dungeon finding tools, you will be missing the whole point.

At this point of the game, there's a lot of content. So much that no new game could ever compete with it: you can spend countless days and still not see everything. Having said that, the leveling to max level (which is 90 today) is kind of big tutorial, an introduction if you may say so. It can take around 200 hours or even more for a new player to complete this introduction if he doesn't rush it (which he shouldn't, if he doesn't want to get burnt out). I hope you now understand how much stuff there is to do. It's a timesink and it's doing its job very well.

As I mentioned before, gear is not something that is hard to get (unless you want best of the best, but when you are in a position to be able to get it, you'll understand that gear is only an optional reward for playing the game). You can do single player daily quests, use crafting professions, 3 player scenarios, 5 man heroic dungeons, 10/15/40 man battlegrounds, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 gladiator arena battles or 10/25 man raids to get the gear.

The end game is divided into PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment). Each category has its own gear, which is better than the other one in the thing it is rewarded from.

Player versus player content is 10/15/40 man battlegrounds, whole world to freely PvP in (only on PvP realms, while on PvE realms one cannot attack a player without his permission), and two zones which hold realm wide battlegrounds inside of them (up to 120v120). The pinnacle of PvP is 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 gladiator arenas, because they are most competitive, challenger and rewarding.

Player versus environment content is 3 player scenarios (added recently, there aren't many of them), 5 man heroic dungeons. The pinnacle of PvE is raiding: it's the main activity of many guilds, who play together to experience the challenges of fighting powerful raid bosses.

I think I have covered enough to get you interested - as I don't think it's possible to cover everything. Just know this: the game is totally different at max level than it is when you just start playing.


Apr 18, 2011
GW2 pretty much flopped on arrival. It's not a bad game. Instead, it is an empty game. It's void of content, void of depth and void of any true meta game. Those things are literally all that keep WoW going at this point, but it's enough.

GW2 got a LOT of pre-release hype, but as soon as the new WoW expansion came out, and to be honest even before that people were flooding out of GW2 because it just isn't interesting to good players. It's a very spammy, simple game.

I've stopped playing WoW so I can't tell you about the newest expansion, but it seems like someone else already gave you a long description of where the game is at now. I would say buying WoW would be less of a waste of your money than GW2. There isn't much hope for Arenanet changing the major functions of their game that drove people away in boredom.


Nov 3, 2012
Guild Wars 2 - well, it's the best game I've ever played so far. After being level 80 (cap) for like 2 months now, I still am having a blast in GW2. Really excited for new content releases this November and December (Wintersday event yay!), after having attended the best Halloween events in a game I have experienced in every MMO. And you don't have to pay for them - just $60. I haven't bought anything in the gem store yet, besides the Halloween costume (it's a witch costume and I really wanted it because I can ride the broomstick - reminds me of playing Quidditch lol).

I really don't want to post here about GW2 in details 'cause there's a lot, but you can check these.

You can watch this review. It covers a whole lot:

Or you can read more info here:

It has a lot of content (and they're adding more and more content for free! again, no monthly subscription). Like what I said, the Lost Shore update this Nov. 15th, and the Wintersday update on December for Christmas (there will also be for New Year and the Chinese New Year too).

I suggest you also watch reviews in YouTube regarding the comparison between GW2 to WoW, read articles or forum discussions, and just judge it from there! ;)

Have fun! :hello:
I have not played GW2, but I have played WoW, and a few other MMO's before (EQ, EQ2, DAoC, AC, AC2, UO, perhaps another couple I forget). WoW was a lot of fun in the first couple years. I think I continued to find the game a lot of fun through Burning Crusade (the 1st expansion).

I have a few thoughts about the game that I learned through the years. Make friends in game. It's far more fun when played with other people you know. It may seem easier to just stick to yourself, but what makes an MMO is playing with friends. WoW cross server dungeon queues kind of ruin this, and it's really easy to fall into the trap of just jumping into the cross server queues, but you'll have more fun if you try to play with people you know.

I find these games are the most fun within the first year or 2 of their existence. As time goes on, people will theory craft the game to death, until there is nothing new to learn. No one is all that unique when everyone is trying to achieve the same setup. Figuring out new ways to play a character is a lot of fun, and is lost on games that have been around too long. You'll also find that players in game expect everyone to know everything, and when they don't, they can be very rude (as time went on, my guild was full of these elitist types. I eventually quit because I didn't agree with their behavior. Being a top guild changes people). Don't let it get to you, but this is less a problem on newer games.

Unfortunately, probably due to WoW, it has been very difficult for new MMO's to succeed as they did in the past, but often that strengthens the community that is there.


Sep 10, 2012
I started playing WoW in 2005 and stopped in January this year. Yeah, 7 years. I tried the "starter edition" when MoP came out and forced myself to stop. It's like Heroin. Not joking. Everyday I think about renewing my subscription but resist the urge. It's a great game but will eat your life.
The two games the OP is asking about are very different. Even though they both come from MMO genre, I think, that is the only shred of similarity that they have.

As far as which game to pick, I think it largely it comes down to what kind of player you are. WoW is preferred for people who like working towards a goal and achieve something and be at the top. While GW2 has things to work towards, majority of its features are accessible to the player from Level 1, and even when you do get to Level 80, there isn't much to separate you from other players besides some cosmetic items. GW2 is much more casual and laid back type of game. I think the only complexity and competitiveness you see is in squad PVP tournaments and World PVP (fantasy siege warfare).

I'm sure both games got great communities and both games got great weapons/armor. It's just a matter of how much effort you need to put in to obtain the said items.


Apr 8, 2013
If your new, GW2 all the way its a lot less harsh and has a better community. Gear i believe is equal but there are ups to both. Personally i have been playing WoW since 08 an GW2 since 2012 and dispite my huge bias for WoW i perfer GW2.
i have about 4000 hours and 7 years give or take on the original guild wars. the game started off great and towards the end began declining in quality. for people who loved the original guild wars, they still may like guild wars 2 but it is not as great. the original guild wars is still up and running and like wow has matured and has a wealth of information. the servers are rather light now but there are still enough people online to get things done.

i'm about ready to make a jump into another game as well.

i am debating either guild wars 2 or tera. both are free to play. guild wars does require you to buy the game disk, tera is now a free download). i am sure some elements of guild wars 2 would be fun (some of the videos looked interesting) however coming from guild wars the original something is missing. tera also looked very interesting if complicated. however, since it is free to download and play there is no commitment.

i never did play wow and doubt i ever will. its not my type of game but some people do seem to enjoy it. for a new player there is a load of content to get through so it will keep you busy at the least.