Question Guys, I found something crazy weird...


Oct 21, 2017
Hey guys,

So, I was experimenting with some windows settings with my monitor. I've been experiencing a lot of mouse lag and just sluggishness lately, but I realized something crazy.

I have two monitors, one is a old 1280x1024 monitor that my uncle gave me, and my main monitor is a 1920x1080 ASUS MX279H.

I was playing Overwatch and was messing with some settings, and decided to make my 1280x1024 monitor my main display WHILE having my game on my MX279H.

Dear lord, I haven't felt a game that smooth ever before. It was amazing, nearly no mouse delay/sluggishness and mouse lag. Everything felt smooth no stutters and such.


Every time I play my game on my MX279H when its set to the "main display" in windows, I get a HELL TON of mouse delay and everything doesn't feel so smooth. I have NO IDEA WHAT IS CAUSING THIS"??!!?!

Is it windows? My monitor? I also tried running Overwatch on my other monitor when its set as the main display. I get THE SAME MOUSE LAG AS STATED ABOVE when my 1280x1024 monitor is set to main display and I'm gaming on the 1280x1024 monitor as well!!

WTF is going on!? I've lately been getting this on Fortnite as well.. When I play on my monitor when windows says its set to the "main display", I get a LOT of MOUSE DELAY. When I play on my 1920x1080 monitor in fullscreen when my other 1280x1024 monitor is set as the "main display", nearly no mouse delay. Someone have an explanation for this? Note that I have removed my old monitor and just played with my MX279H alone and its THE SAME THING! TERRIBLE!

I have an HDMI cable set to my MX279H and a VGA cable set to my old monitor, but I've switched from VGA and HDMI on my MX279H and the same problem --__--. I have EVGA 1050 TI and a ryzen 5 1600 3.7 GHz.