Question Guys need help from RAM Experts

Nov 20, 2020
Hello Guys hope you all are fine...
I'm having a serious and silly problem ...
I'm a content creator and I've decided to upgrade my rams from 16gb to 32gb because adobe Premiere, AE..etc
already having 2x8 team group T force RGB bus 3200 CL16 -16-16-38

I've searched in my stores for another pair and wasn't able to find same pairs. what I've only found was T force RGB bus 3200 but 1 stick 16gb
after buying it I've discovered that the ram CL is also 16 but 16-20-20-40 and when I activating XMP Profile system boot failure
trying to manually adjust the bus to 3200 also got system boot failure ..
the three sticks are running at bus 2400 and I'm losing too much speed ...
ive tried increasing the speed to bus 3000 it was no use.. even tried lowering to bus 2600 also no use :(
so any solution here makes me able to got my 3 sticks running at bus 3200????

my RIG
MB : MSI b450 Carbon AC MAX
CPU: 3700x
GC: 2060 super


The guiding document is the motherboard's (MSI b450 Carbon AC MAX ) User Guide/Manual.

The User Manual:

(Verify that I found the applicable User Manual.)

Physically numbered Page 16 provides Memory specifications and also refers back to MSI for more up to date memory information. Be sure to do so.

Also physically numbered Page 31 provides supported RAM configurations and important warnings. Note the requirement to install DIMMA2 first.

Be sure to purchase RAM in matched kits for dual channel use.


Exchange the ram for a 16x2 ram modules, if u cant and u r stuck, u can buy another 16 gb ram stick of the same module; because as far as i remember using 4 sticks on a ryzen system before the 5XXX gen came out makes the memory modules run at 2400 mhz and cant be set higher, i maybe wrong. Also, ur ram modules are clear mismatch, which is generally not recommended but many people still use in such a manner ...
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