GW2K GT 4010 PC


Jan 23, 2013
Video / Color is all wrong. "Start" button is yellowish instead of green. New motherboard six months ago.

2005 system and the monitor works fine on another PC. What video card would you all recommend to upgrade from the on-board NIDIA GeForce 6100 chipset? Is that even my problem?

I have one vacant x16 PCI Express slot. So, could I somehow disable the on-board thing, and then upgrade to a real graphics card?

Thank You...


I don't think it is a bad video chip issue rather a improper colour settings. If you are using windows 7 you can use colour calibration in control panel to fix this
You Can get almost every graphics card you can get, depending upon the power supply, CPU and PCIE version you have. I'd recommend you go for a HD 7750 or a HD7770 if you have a PSU lower than 350 watts or a slow processor You can get a HD 7850 or a GTX 640 or GTX 650
You can disable your integrated graphics from the bios.