Question H100i Pro flashes red on boot, fans spin but show 0 RPM

Mar 16, 2019
Let me just catch you all up to speed (Sorry in advance for the length).

Mobo: MSI Z370 SLI PlUS
CPU: i7 9700k (no overclock)
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i Pro
PSU: EVGA 750G / Corsair 850M
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb DDR4 ( 8Gb x 2)
Storage: 2 x Samsung 840 Pro, 2 x Samsung 850 evo, Seagate HDD

Background info:
The H100i Pro was purchased after a liquid cooling leak (from an older H100i V2) was found the morning after a night of gaming (Shut down afterward). Nothing catastrophic, but definitely was a leak. Along with replacing the cooler, I cleaned the affected areas (only visible was the GPU and mobo) extensively with isopropyl alcohol and left them out to dry for 24 hrs.

After 24hrs, I rebuilt the PC and attempted to boot. Lights would flash for approx. 1/2 second, turn off, and repeat every 5 seconds or so. This led me to believe that my PSU was bad. A colleague lent me a spare Corsair 850M. After swapping PSUs, the PC didn't show any signs of life. In result, I did as all the forum guys advised, reduce the PC to barebones.

Currently, the PC consists of the motherboard, CPU, Liquid Cooler, 1 RAM stick, and PSU. All connections have been triple checked and connectors have been swapped for spares to ensure good connections.

Description of Issue:
In BIOS, H100i Pro (Brand New) flashes red but the radiator fans spin (CPU_Fan showing 0 RPM). The CPU quickly rises in temp beyond 70C (would have kept climbing if I didn't shut down). Connections have been checked numerous times:

Corsair micro usb link cable -> USB header on mobo
pump cable -> CPU_Fan
Fans -> Pump shrouded connectors
Power Cable -> SATA Power

Additionally, I was curious whether Corsair Link software would display any additional information for the cooler. I plugged in a my boot drive via a brand-new SATA cable and powered it with the same SATA power cable connected to H100i. Attempted to reboot, nothing happens. No fans, no lights, nothing.

As you can probably imagine, I am defeated at this point. I have been attempting to get this piece of junk running for approximately a week now, sparing no expense (test-wise) to no avail. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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