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Question H100i Temp Difference VS CPU Package!


Feb 7, 2016
I'm having a little cooling issue here, at least I think I am!?

I have a 9700k with H100i Cooler. Currently video encoding at about 85-90% load, the CPU Package is sitting at 70C while the cooler temp is only registering 35C, why is that? is it something i should be worrying about?

Screenshot here!
Corsair"s Readings are of the Water Temp inside the coolers and is perfectly normal the read that type of difference.
I run my 2 x H110i and a H100i on the different systems 2 using corsair link4 and 1 Icue with the pump speed on extreme (ique) and Performance for CL4.
the water temp will flucate depending on how you have your fans set but the cpu temp and Water temp will still be different.
Whinfo64 sensor's only is what I use but not letting it read from the corsair.