Question H100i v2 CPU cooler making gurgling /grinding noise when programs launch or is it hard drive ?


Mar 20, 2016
I am hearing a gurgling /grindey sound when I open programs like Steam or Blizzard. I assumed it was air in my AIO but it doesn't seem to do it when temps increase, mostly just when I open certain programs. Could it be my hard drive making the noise ? I have a Western Digital and a SSD. Thanks in advance !
That sound is perfectly normal for mechanical hard drives. Some are louder than others.
Are you experiencing an issue?

Edit: you may be able to quiet it down a little by using rubber grommets/washers in between the screws that attach the HD to the case but it probably won't help much. Also, close the case. ;)


I agree, that noise seems almost normal to me. Maybe a little louder than I expect, but it's hard to judge from a video when you're not right there yourself. And rubber grommets where the HDD is mounted might help reduce noise transmission from the HDD into the surrounding drive cage.

FYI, if you listen carefully, I believe what you are hearing is not bursts of grinding sounds. Instead, each burst is a rapid sequence of jumps of the HDD heads from one track to another as it reads many files when you start up a major application.