Question H100i v2 Super Loud all the time

Aug 29, 2022
Hi guys so im having this issue where basicaly my AIO corsair H100i v2 is LOUD all the time like literally even on idle it sounds like a plane is gonna take off, does anyone know a soulution to make it quieter? or less noisy?

video of the sound it is making

video link


May be improper connections as installed, or a loose connection. In that system there is a cable from the PUMP unit that must be plugged unit the CPU_FAN header, and the rad FANS must plug into a cable with two sockets from the pump. Then a THIRD cable must be connected from the pump to a USB2 header of the mobo.

To get proper power to the pump, it is a good idea in BIOS Setup to configure the CPU_FAN header to use PWM Mode, and NOT either Voltage Control Mode (aka DC Mode) or Auto Mode.

The system gets all power for the pump and fans from the CPU_FAN header, but the fans' speeds are NOT controlled from there. All control of the pump and fan speeds is done by the iCUE software tool, and it MUST have that connection from pump to USB2 header to communicate. If that latter connection is not there OR is loose and intermittent, the control functions will not work well, or not at all. If there is NO connection available for iCUE to reach the system, the pump and fans will default to full speed all the time to ensure you get good cooling and cannot risk damaging the CPU. (iCUE is unusual in this field - it actually allows you the set a pump speed, whereas most systems always run the pump full speed.)

In BIOS Setup the speed shown at the CPU_FAN header really is the PUMP speed (typically over 2000), not any fan speed. Within iCUE you CAN see both the pump speed and the fan speed. If either of these is missing or fluctuating, you have a bad connection or NO connection somewhere.
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