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Question H100i V2 was reading 0 RPM on iCue and CPU temps was reading 90-100 degrees C. Pump Broken after case switch?

Mar 20, 2020
Hello, I bought an H100i V2 around 2 years ago and was working really nice until yesterday, when I noticed that it was showing 0 RPM for the pump and the warning light was coming on in the pump. The first thing I checked was the CPU temps to make sure it wasn't a failure, but it was reading 90-100C for all cores. When I noticed this, I immediately switched off the PSU power switch to prevent and damage to my CPU or motherboard. However, the thing is that I think it failed right as I switch cases from some off-brand case to a Corsair CS 465x Mid-Tower case. Is it possible that I did something to kill the pump while doing the big switch, or did it just so happen to fail right as I did it? Also not to mention, when I go to BIOS, I notice that my CPU temps gradually increase more and more. It starts off at like 50 degrees and eventually makes its way to 70 degrees. I had an Intel Stock Cooler laying around, so I replaced my H100i V2 with the stock cooler and was getting temperatures in the 30-40 range in the idol and 50-60 range in load. One last thing is that I replaced the stock SP120L PWM fans with SP120 RGB PRO non-PWM fans. Is it possible that this also caused the problem?
Asus Gtx 1060 6gb Dual
Intel core i5-8400
16GB RAM@ 2666Mhz
Intel Optane 16GB M.2 Drive
Intel 545s Series 256GB SSD
Samsung Evo 860 500GB SSD
WD Blue HDD 1Tb 7200RPM
MSI B360-A Pro
(Old) H100i V2
(New) Intel Stock Cooler