Question H110M-D D3 ASUS EZ Flash 3 Problem

Feb 26, 2019
Hey all!

I have recently received a i5 6600k which was going to replace my i3 6100. I installed the i5 and proceeded to get no signal on any monitors. I double checked that everything was plugged in, which they was, but still nothing. So I then looked online and apparently I needed to get to BIOS version 0401 but mine was 0603. I thought at the time that my bios was not up to date as I hadn't updated it in year. I found Asus EZ flash 3 and ran it. We decided to go with the internet method which downloaded the file then rebooted the computer. On reboot, it asked for us to click on a .cap file AGAIN. However, we never clicked on a .cap file so we didn't know where to go. When we pressed OK it gave the option of usb/hdd or internet. We clicked internet agan but this time it said everything was up to date. We closed that but was unable to leave ASUS EZ flash 3. We restarted the PC and the same appeared. We were stuck in this loop of saying to click the .cap file again so we attempted the USB version. We looked online for the latest bios update for the H110D- D3 and found this, the support page. NOTE: We were doing this on another PC because we was kept getting surge protection on the main computer. Once we downloaded the zip we opened it and it was full of folders, exe's and dlls. No .cap files to be seen. We then decided to use one of the exes and all it just said was my motherboard was not supported. We searched, what seemed like, the entirety of the internet but no one seems to be having this problem and we have no clue where people are downloading these .cap file's from. We saw videos where people just got a .cap file by unzipping a file they downloaded from the support website. We've seen pages stating that you just download it from the support website and you receive a .cap file but all we get is a zipped file full of exes, dlls and folders. I've been at it for hours and I am pulling out my hair.

So please someone!
Where on earth do I download these .cap files from?
How on earth do I get out of this ASUS EZ Flash 3 Loop?
Why wasn't my i5 6600k displaying on any monitors?

Thank you,

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