Question H115i (2 fans) + 4 fans (commander pro) connections question. .

Mar 3, 2021
H115i (2 fans) + 4 fans (commander pro) connections question. .

Hello everyone,
I built a new PC and I'm not sure as how to connect my last fan (exhaust).

Here is what I have.

Case : Corsair 500D SE
AIO: H115i + Commander pro + Rgb hub
4 Corsair LL 120mm fans. (3 in the front that came with the case + 1 new for my exhaust at the back)

My question is concerning that last exhaust fan.
The 3 fans came connected to the commander pro port 1, 2 and 3.
My H115i has 2 140mm fans that are connected to the AIO and the Motherboard as instructed by the manual.

Do i connect my new fan to the port no.4 on the commander pro or should I connect it on the port number 6 ? Since it,s my lastfan.
Any other advice ?

To be honest, yesterday i connected the fan to the port 4 commander pro and port 4 rgbhub and the fan cable started MELTING.. i stoppped everything and disconnected. Faulty unit ? Did i screw something ? It was awfully close to the CPU power cable.. so might that be the issue ? (i rearrangethe cable management since)

Any advice would be helpful, i'm receiving a new fan tommorow..