Question H270-A Pro Only working with 1 stick of ram

Mar 3, 2019
I just bought a H270-A Pro motherboard,
i know my system works as i had my system working in the old MOBO (cant remember off the top of my head what it was) but was working just fine for years, desided to do a MOBO switch and now it will not post with 2 sticks of ram, both 16 GB, so one stick can get me by, but having a stick of ram just sitting around is bothering me,

I7 6700
GTX 1070
16 GB ddr4 (plus 16 more but will not post)

So i install the second stick and i get the Ezdebug flashing at me, CPU and DRAM, constant flashing CPU DRam back and forth. i have tried to clear the bios, with no luck, to see my full build go here

i dont know what to do, the MOBO got shippped fine(ish) (cover for the CPU socket was loose but all pins are straight)

Any help is greatly appreciated