Question H370 Mining Master Boots Fine with 14 Cards - Won't Boot With 15 Cards

Jan 23, 2021
Hi All, hoping you can help where ASUS support fell short.

If I run my H370 Mining Master board with 14 cards, everything works as expected. Add a 15th card and I never see the ASUS bio splash screen nor does it bootup.

When I boot with 14 cards in these USB/PCIe slots, I have no issues: A01 - A07, B08 - B08 - B12, and C14, C17, C18

If I add a 15 card in any slot, it won't boot. I've also swapped out cards by adding a new card and plugging it in on A01 just to make sure it works. So then i try to boot up again with the new card in A01 and moving the original card from A01 and plugging it into C20 with no luck.

Adding a 15th card on either rig prevents a successful boot. All the cards, board fans, and PCIe risers power up just fine but never see the ASUS boot splash screen.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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