Question H500M Optimal Fan Config


May 17, 2015
Hey so I already made a post about this, but I just stumbled across the website,

This website goes over air pressure, and by the looks of what this site is saying it looks like I want to have all fans set to intake to bring air from the outside in.

Is this correct?

I will be using the CoolerMaster H500M Case.

I WAS going to do the front fans as intake, radiator fans as exhaust, and back case as exhaust as well, but I just want to figure out what the best fan config will be for this case.


Mar 13, 2017
Your current setup sounds fine, but you'll probably want the radiator fans intaking so they're getting cool air from outside rather than already hot air from inside. Also, most people go with more intakes that exhausts, but normally not all intakes.


This is a good watch.

I have that same case, it's one that supposedly has mediocre airflow, but I tend to disagree with that conclusion, you'll find that cases tend to have decent airflow once there's the proper amount of fans to do the job at decent fan curves.

Iny setup I had a 280mm aio, so 2x 140mm fans and the stock 2x 140mm fans and that was all. For a while I had aio as exhaust, then on a whim flipped it to intake/pull. (I run fans @ 400-900rpm so pull is better).
After the switch, case temps in gaming loads went up 2°C, gpu temps up 2°C, cpu temps dropped 2°C from the prior exhaust setup. That's chump change, might as well state the temps were equitable either orientation.

So how you setup the fans is important, but only in the sense that you need air flow not just air. So maxing out fans positions isn't always a good thing if they are all intakes or all exhaust as it limits avenues of exhaust/intake. With enough gaps/holes for pressure release, air will go in/out rather easily, additional fans just speed the process up.

If you fill every hole with an intake fan, where does all that cpu/gpu generated heat go except out a few cracks and seams? Better to have a couple exhausts at least, so that the air moves in/out. In Linus experiment, his cases had enough extra vents that that wasn't much of an issue. All that intake was forced out the extra vent holes. With nothing but exhausts, all air intake is from those same holes, but you better have them filtered or they bring in all that dust too.
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