Question Had power outage when computer was on. Now will not work

Nov 24, 2021
I am really not to knowlegeble on this so here is what happened.
Was using computer when the whole neighborhood had a power outage. After an hour or so, power came back on but the computer will not work now. It will not bootup at all. The monitor will not show the boot menu or anything. The monitor is working I can see though.
On the computer,the power light comes on when I press the computers power button but will not do anything then. I tried the unplug the power cord, then hold the power button for 10 seconds then plug back in but still nothing. I can see through the ventilation holes that the fan is turning correctly. When I try to open the dvd player, it opens but immediately closes again (if that means anything)
Any suggestions as to what to do next would be appreciated.