[SOLVED] Had three displays, now only two - - - please help

Aug 25, 2019
GPU: 1060 3 gb

i had three displays running fine two display port one hdmi, went away came back, only two working hdmi and displayport. checked the system settings display options and only found two of the three. tried to detect with no joy, looked in control panel for display options and its not even there, used nvidia control panel still the same could only detect two monitors.

When you swap ports you can get the other monitor to work so the screen is fine, it seems to be the graphics card. do they just give out like that? has anyone else had this. either a hardware failure which i find hard to believe or it is a simple software bug and a setting has changed for no reason.

i am only detecting two displays i cannot find the third can only get a hdmi and one of any display port doesnt matter which port. How can i find the missing display menu in control panel.
ive power cycled various monitors plugged in it even works with the 4th display port i wasn't using. it has three display ports and one hdmi.
The computer is only 18 months to 2 years old with not a lot of use at all.
all drivers are up to date.

please help me
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Can this issue have become as a result of an update, either of the driver or Windws itself ?

There is a couple of things you may try:
  • Install an older driver than the one you already have. You need to uninstall the current driver first.
  • Most modern Linux distros support multi monitor setup. Try to get one (e.g. Linux Mint) and find the "display setting and layout" (this is pretty much the same tool for all Linux distros) and see it that allow you to use three monitors setup. If it does, it certainly is strongly indicates that the gpu is all good.