Had to reset cmos now computer will not display if 2 sticks of ram are in


Dec 3, 2017
So I ordered a new cpu, turns out it isn’t supported by my motherboard. It was the right socket type. So I took out the cmos and reset the ram memory, directions on my motherboard said to hold a metal object up to the two pins to reset it. I do this and now it will only work with one stick of ram, switched out sticks , both ram stick work. But as soon as I put two in the recommended spots A2-B2 , the Dram LED comes on and the monitors can’t detect and display, tried using my graphics card and my motherboard still nothing.
Motherboard asus prime z-270a and geil rgb pc4-24000 ram 8gb sticks. Tried single stick in b2 no display. Single stick in a-1 it boots. Tried sticks in a-1 and b-1 no boot . Finally got it to work with a-1 and a-2 could I have shorted out slots for ram when I did the reset?

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