HAF 922 really loud...


Aug 16, 2012
I just recently built a computer with the HAF 922 case.
My problem is that the HAF 922 case is REALLY loud...

I got a EVGA GTX 670 FTW and the 200mm fan on top of the case and infront of the HDD rack is louder than the GPU when it's spinning at 100%...

Is it a problem with the case fans or is it naturally that loud... Or do I have to buy a Fan controller and turn it down...
Make sure there isn't anything(wires) getting in the way of the fans. Also you could unplug the case fans one at a time to isolate the one making noise. If it's a bad fan, you may be able to just get a fan replacement rather that swapping out the entire case just for a faulty case fan. I built a system abut 2 months ago with a HAF 922, and it's quiet. The only time I really hear the fans is when I first power it up.