HAF 922, Z9 Plus, Temptest Evo, Storm Scout...


Apr 19, 2012
I am kind of getting a headache searching for the perfect case for my build. After searching around all day, I think I have come up with this comprehensive list of good looking, yet functional cases under $100

1. Cooler Master HAF 922 - looks good, very good airflow, sinister look with red LED's
2. Zalman Z9 Plus - Black huge interior, blue LED's wish they were red..trying to go for an evil sinister look
3. Tempest Evo - omg, this case looks damn good. Has everything right except for the LED color.
4. Ohh, I wish the Storm Scout didn't have any flaws...its the perfect case for me. Small interior (sucks), black interior, awesome awesome looks, Red LED's, front panel looks ohhh soo good, and it has a handle...

I would get the storm scout, but I have heard of too many people having static problems with the front panel. I constantly use a USB drive, and I can't have the computer constantly restarting. Unless someone else who has a Scout can make me feel better about this issue, I'm passing on it.

Tempest Evo is currently the one that intrigues me the most, as it has the asthetics I'm looking for and the functionality. And it comes with a bajillion fans..

Same can be said for the Z9 plus, besides the asthetics..

HAF 922 just looks BA. And I Love its huge fans..love its evil look...

Help me out. I have a headache. I just wanna make a good decision.


Mar 1, 2012
I have the blue Haf 922, I like it alot... Everything in it is in a good spot. PLENTY of room behind the motherboard for cable managment.

And i havn't had issues with USB drives in it or anything odd.