Aug 19, 2009
Hi, I've got a HAF 932 case with an i7 975 plugged in and I'm interested in installing a Cooler Master v8 heat sink. The measurements on the v8 tend to very greatly around the web, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with this combination could tell me if I'll be able to fit the v8 cooler in the case without removing the stock side fan?

Also, I'm not interested in water cooling, so please don't recommend it.



May 27, 2009
The HAF 932 case can definitely fit the Cooler Master V8. A lot of people will come in to recommend better coolers than the V8, but I own it and for $55 it's a fine value and works pretty well. Running Prime 95 with an i7 920 O.C.'ed to 3.2, my temperatures don't go past 62 C. So it works fairly well. I guess it depends on how much overclocking you plan to do. I have my QPI/Uncore up to 1.3 V and DRAM up to 1.62, but if I back that off a bit (uncore), I could probably get temps slightly better.

OH, and as proof that the V8 will fit, here's a picture from Cooler Master's site:
Yes, the V8 will fit even with the large fan installed in the side panel. The case is much wider than a normal atx case. The HAF 932 can easily accomodate those large tall 160mm cpu heatsinks.

I did a HAF 932 case mod last year. I installed the original Coolermaster Hyper 212. No problem. My current personal case is also a HAF 932. I've got my original Thermalright Ultra 120 installed in it.