Dec 11, 2009
Hey I'm going to build a computer in 1 or 2 weeks and I'm still not sure which case i want to buy

I was thinking of the Haf 922 but in my country i can get the Antec 902 cheaper
I'm also thinking of the Antec 900 for ~$10 less than the 902 but i figured that the '2' makes it newer and better??

I'm going to buy the parts from this link so if any of you can look through it and choose a better case than these two please do so

I'd personally get the HAF 922 - it has slightly better airflow, and better cable management. Also the HAF 922 has the expansion ability for one more fan on the side panel.
The Antec 902 is a fusion between the 900 and 1200 - the 902 has the interior of the 900, but the design of the 1200.


Sep 15, 2009

Anyways the Antec 900 has horrible cable management. The Antec 902 is better with cable management.

Still HAF 922 ftw. the 200mm fans push a lot of air. (Im using one 200mm exhaust, and it's capable of exhausting the heat in my case. Im even venting the hot air from my radiator inside the case.)

My HAF 922
I have a total of 5 (well 6) intake fans. Number may be reduced later on as I am switching over to a single GPU solution from a dual crossfire config.
1 200mm intake in front
2 120mm red led on the side panel
1 120mm intake at the bottom for GPU cooling
2 120mm in push/pull intake configuration with my Corsair H50.

Number of exhaust fans: 1
1x 200mm Exhaust top mounted fan

Case temperatures: 28c max
Usual: 23c
CPU temps: 47c on load, 9~ hrs prime95
GPUs: 60c max 15 hours of Folding
Memory: under 33c when on Prime95 blend (temp measured from heatsink on RAM modules
Dust build up: minimum (too much airflow for dust to settle)