HAF XM or CM Storm Trooper?


Jun 9, 2012
Title says it all I was wondering which would be a better overall case? Would these PC specs fit in this mid tower case?
-Corsair Professional series 750
-G.Skill ares 8gb
-Evag FTW 670
Gigabyte z77 UD5h
-CM Hyper 212 evo
and some other things but things like ssd, hhd, but I don't think those are important.


I have seen the trooper in one of the expo's I've attended & the least I can say is that it is enormous.

It may not look daunting in the picture probably for lack of comparison when the images are posted in the internet but... Oh man...

I say stick to HAF XM. It is fine ( all your components will fit & more) & you wont be lacking in terms of cooling at all.