Question Hair Pulling System Troubleshoot

Apr 14, 2021
Hello all,

This is the first time that I post on this forum, as I searched everywhere for an answer to the situation I'm currently facing without finding it.

I'm currently restoring an old Acer Predator G3610 system which has a lot of sentimental value for one of my friends.
I totally disassembled the computer, cleaned everything, from the ground up, and reassembled it, while adding a Samsung 870 SSD.

The specs are as follows :

MB : Acer IPISB-VR REV 1.01
RAM : 1 x UNIFOSA HDDR3-1333 4GB 256MX8 + 1 x UNIFOSA HDDR3-1333 2GB 256MX8
CPU : Intel Core i5 2320 (Sandy Bridge)
GPU : nVidia Geforce GT545 3GB
SSD : Samsung 870 EVO 250GB

I managed to boot and install Win 10 on the PC, optimize everything, install drivers, and other third party softwares, with the obvious bios update to the last version present on the ACER Support Website. Everything textbook perfect. So far so good, right?

Well, that's where things get interesting :

I rebooted the PC one last time to check the boot speed with the new SSD, and the PC started to cycle in the bios boot, no video, no post, nothing. And no beeping of course.
I immediately thought of a RAM issue, so i pulled both RAM sticks and tested them individually. Turns out the computer won't boot with the 4GB stick installed, no matter the RAM slot.

The PC boots with the 2GB stick installed, and I tested said stick on every RAM slot, after clearing the CMOS off course. No issues.

Conclusion, the 4GB stick is dead.

Went off to buy a Gskill 2x4 GB PC3 10600 kit. Installation of said RAM : no POST, no boot.
Might be the voltages then : I exchanged the Gskill kit with a Crucial 2x4 GB PC3 10600 UDIMM, cleared the CMOS and installed them.
Result : Still no boot and no POST.

I plugged in the original 2GB stick : the PC boots into BIOS and Windows without issues.

I really am at loss here, aside from the hypothesis that both RAM kits bought and exchanged are faulty, I really am at loss.

By the way, the original 2GB stick shows 1.5V in CPUZ, which is odd, as I looked for its specs and appears to be a DDR3L stick, and the RAM tests were realized on a bench with no other peripherals aside from the CPU, RAM, and MB.

Your thoughts on this issue?