pluke the 2

Aug 31, 2009
Good Morning guys,

Let me link my Hardware:

EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI Motherboard

Q9550 Intel Processor

ULTRA X3 1000w Modular Power Supply

x 2 GTX8800’s in SLI

Memory: x4 DDR3 1033 MHZ Platinum OCZ 7-7-7-20 RAM

So, I decided to lower my FSB, instead of Over clocking at 4.032 GHZ, I lowered only FSB to reach a 3.7 GHZ over clock (Q9550), and it went downhill from there. Now upon boot-up, my computer freezes after loading into windows, I can move my mouse for a few seconds before it actually just freezes.

Now what I did: I reset the CMOS jumper, and booted it back up. The only thing I had to change after resetting the CMOS jumper was to set up my raid config so that I can boot into windows. So I did that and the computer loads into windows (I have screen shots of all my settings, just don't know where to upload) and then restarts. I have tried every single voltage increment on my ram from 1.5 - 2.0, which is like 30 increments, and saved and restarted every time. It seems to me, if I go anything below 1.775, it loads into windows and restarts, now if I do anything above 1.775, it loads into windows and freezes. Please note that all my settings (voltages, FSB, ect) are @ stock, I only changed the memory voltage. I did try doing a lot of other things as well; meanwhile, I spent nearly 4 hours switching stuff around. Please any suggestions, I will have the computer moved right next to a working desktop, so that I can try things as people post suggestions. Please any help will be greatly■■ appreciated.

PS: I have screen shots of BIOS Settings