Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

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May 30, 2010
This problem has happened for a long while. I had the Tunneling Problem with VPN Error before, then I installed it again - and this thing happened again. I tried playing SC, WC3, and KCVDS and no games showed up.

The circles are green are blue, and I can chat with them. And the right side, there is this yellow triangle and when I mouse over it, it says: 'Tunnel Problem. There is a problem with a peer connection. Click here for details.' I click on it, and the VPN Status says: '[yellow triangle] error'

Details of the error:


Details of the VPN configuration error(s) are available on the settings page'

In settings, the status says: [yellow traingle] network adapter error.

The details are the same as above.

I have tried compability mode, administrator mode, firewall exceptions.



May 20, 2011
Ok guys now my hamachi wasnt working for about a year, but a few nights ago I thought I might try fixing it again (After about 1 million times). When I did what I did it worked, so I am going to tell you guys how to. Now this is proberly a stupid question but are you guys when logging into a hamachi server get a little yellow triangle next to your peers names?
That is because of the tunneling thingy and also because your Hamachi network adapter is not sending nor receiving anything.

Ok I have only been able to get it working on XP service pack 3 so here we go.

Firstly open hamachi and write your hamachi IP address down on some paper.

Then go to Start>Control panel>Network connections.

once you are in there right click on the Hamachi network adapter and go to properties.

In properties it shall have a list of things and the last one should be Internet protocol (TCP/IP), press that and go to properties.

Now there should be a box thing that comes up that has at the top, General and Alternate Configuration.

In genernal, make sure that the IP address thing is set to Obtain an IP address Automatically and also make sure that the DNS thing is set to Obtain a DNS server address Automatically.

Now once that is done go to the tabs at the top and click on the Alternate configuration.

There shall be something that says Automatic Private IP address and there is another one that says User Configured.

Click the User configured thing and in IP address type your hamachi IP that I told you to write down earlier.

In the Subnet Mask put and in the Default Gateway put

Then Restart your computer and then it shall work!!!!!!!!

I hope this works for you guys and good luck.
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