Question hand sanitizer to clean any chip

Sep 6, 2020
can it be used to clean any heatsink, motherboard, gpu ,cpu(delidded) chips ?

alcohol 70% w/w
benzalkonium chloride 0.05%
can it be used to clean any heatsink, motherboard, gpu ,cpu(delidded) chips ?

alcohol 70% w/w
benzalkonium chloride 0.05%
I'm not sure what benzalkonium chloride's effect is on metal, especially in the nickel/aluminum/copper mixed-metals area between heatsink and heat spreader. After all, it IS a chloride the same as sodium chloride (table salt); maybe a chemist -type could pitch in and elucidate. I'd not like to be the guinea pig and find out. Also, most hand cleaners have dissolved solids such as glycerin and parabens to make your skin feel soft after the alcohol strips off the oils. Those solids are probably not good thermal conductors; but then we've also used tooth paste for thermal compound in a pinch.

Get a proper bottle of isopropyl alcohol.
Easier said than done. I suppose that as always desperate times lead to desperate measures.

EDIT add: if you can't find isopropyl look for denatured ethyl alcohol (paint thinner) in the paint section. Or, best of all, Everclear which is food-grade ethyl alcohol cut only with purified water to desired proof; get 180 proof which is ~90% by volume. But you have to go to the liquor store for that (depending on jurisdiction, I suppose.)
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hand sanitizers always leave behind some residue. ever notice your hands always feel a touch "greasy" after using the product? that's what would be left behind on your pc parts if you use it.

on the other hand if you use one of those alcohol pads they give when eating ribs (yum) your fingers quickly dry and feel "normal" after usage. that's due to the alcohol evaporating and leaving nothing behind. that's what you want for your pc parts.

it may be hard to find right now, but using something else can have devastating impact on your system including destroying parts. do yourself a favor and don't try to use "other" stuff. i see boxes of alcohol wipes online all the time. it will be much cheaper than buying new parts when you ruin them with hand sanitizer!!

better than nothing if you need to do some spot cleaning