Hands On: The Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. M Keyboard

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Mar 10, 2012
Kinda tacky in my opinion. I would love for this to work out simply because this opens the door for some other players in the market but this product itself is a bit much, Android gaming really isn't based on mouse and keyboard, HTPC keyboards have been around with integrated trackpads for a while as well, my Logitech K400 is a great example. I know MSI gaming laptops have Steelseries keyboards integrated, ASUS and Razer also have pretty good keyboards from what I have heard as well, so really I don't see the market for this as that big. Maybe if android games get better mouse and keyboard support it would work out but as of now I think it is way too early.
The side features seem useful, but the layout is something of a hideous abomination. Why is the Enter key in the top row of letters? Do gamers really want an Fn key nestled alongside Cmd and Windows keys between Ctrl and Alt? Why couldn't they have had added a row of miniature function keys (along with Esc) at the top? There's certainly room for them. Backslash is randomly stuck between Shift and Z, and the arrow keys are smushed into the righthand side of the keyboard at an awkward angle.

I'd kind of expect a more usable layout from a $90 keyboard. There are a number of other mini Bluetooth keyboards that have better, more traditional layouts at a lower cost.
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