News Hands-On With Asus’ Dozen New AMD X570 Motherboards: From TUF to Crosshair VIII


Feb 12, 2007
Wonder what is the overclocking potential of each series. Does the TUF Gaming series overclock better than the Strix? Or is the difference only in other features, like premium audio?


May 4, 2017
mini-DTX? Near useless, won't fit most ITX cases. It will need a uATXat the minimum, so why not give me he uATX board I need?

I have a Silverstone FT03 crying out for an x570 board just like it did for an X470, and no MB manufacturer made those either.
I hope someone does a passive chipset cooling solution. I really hate whiny small fans. Im sure its not to hard since 11 watts inst that much to cool.

No mATX? I always felt like mATX is the perfect average gaming platform. Smaller form factor but still has two PCIE slots.
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Dec 14, 2015
If they cant sell decent numbers on anything, they wont make it.
No matter how much "we" want one or not..

Just as any other company trying to make a profit.
Not even talking about the fact that most might go for matx on low power/non gaming rigs anyway, meaning even less ppl interested in buying one.
So far every time i looked at itx myself (no matter the platform/brands involved),
pricing was way higher than going for top end stuff for matx.
I mean i dont mind paying a bit more to get what i want/like,
but like many others i wont waste another 30 to 50% more, just to have a "20%" smaller footprint (instead of spending it on lets say bigger gpu/cpu etc).

There are lots of brands making small fans with decent airflow while running completely silent.
So unless you have heard it, inside a case with idle/low/med load, you have no clue if its noisy or not.
And other components will affect it too. Running water to cool cpu and/or gpu and exhausting the heat outside (not dumping it inside the case), roughly gives you 30*C lower temps. Think the chipset fan will still rev up with that kind of difference for inside temps?!