Question Hard crash/ shutdown during the witcher 3

Sep 3, 2019
Hey, so as of today I've started to have this issue where after playing the witcher 3 for anywhere between 2-10 minutes, my system will hard crash and turn off. The lighting on my GPU and on my ram will still be on, but in order to start the system back up again I will have to turn off the power switch on the psu, and restart it that way. I can immediately restart it after the shut down though, just as long as I turn the psu off and on again.

The only time this issue happens is with the witcher 3, and it's only as of recently. I have about 50 hours into the game, and its the first time it's happened. But I've had the issue repeat itself 5 times now every time I've tested it. On the game side, I've tried verifying the files to see if that would help, but it hasn't.

This issue doesn't come up while using anything else on my pc. I'm able to play intensive games (metro exodus, battlefield V, star citizen), all without issue. As well as I've tried running benchmark and stress tests to see if that would cause anything to fail, which it did not.

In terms of components, I'm running with
Ryzen 2700
Msi b450m v2 bazooka
Asus rog strix 2080ti
32gb ram
750w thermaltake toughpower grand

So far I've done a memory diagnostic which has come back all good, as well as checked for any driver updates. Event viewer is just coming back with the typical kernal-power 41 error, which as far as I know just reports an unexpected shutdown and not the actual issue.

CPU temps will float around the 70 degree mark, with GPU in the 80s for high load. But the witcher doesn't cause the most stress on the system compared to other games which I can play fine without any crashes.

Looking at people who have had similar issues, it seems to be psu related, but I figure then the crashes would happen under all stress, not just one specific game?

Any help or ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated.