Apr 10, 2019
hi , i would share my problem with you guys maybe i got the solution , so i have a second hard disk western digital 500 gb when i put it in the first time it work normaly but when i try to delete some folder in the hard , the hard disk want work again it show me in the dsk management : disk unknown not initialized , so i try to reactive the disk but no chance , i restar the computer and i enter in the bios i noticed that the wester digital disk its not showed in the boot option , after many searches , I concluded that the hard disk work only in the IDE mode and dont work in the AHCI , so i open the hard disk in the IDE mode and try to format it with windows 7 , when the instal is finish i noticed that the hard disk work and show only 149 gb and the system work perfectly in the IDE mode , i try the regedit modification but no result ,
sorry for my english
note : only this hard disk want work with ahci mode
and all my drivers and bios are updated
my setup : asrock h81M dgs r2.0
i5 4570
8 gb ram
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500Gb should not have a problem working in either mode.

Can you link us to a screenshot of your disk management window?
You'll need to host the screenshot on an image sharing site and then provide us the link to it here.