hard disk drive


Feb 26, 2017
I have an hdd 500gb that was running good and speed was too much better but from a time my hdd making a nosing like ( ghrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ghrrrr ghrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ) now what should I do
First, if you don't have a backup and you can still access data. Back it up immediately.

With that out of the way. It is time to replace it. If you didn't actually need all that space, most people don't. Then replace it with a much faster SSD. They are smaller for the price but are much faster. Why spend money for a bunch of space you don't need if your computer could be faster.

Depending on how old the computer is and your skills. You may want to consider just replacing the computer. If this is a boot drive. You are going to have to replace the hard drive. Acquire or make an installation disc or Flash drive. If you don't already have installation media. Install your OS, drivers and software. If you can't figure this out. Then you will have to pay someone to do it. If a computer is over two or three years old. Then it probably is not worth the expense. As it had a 500GB hard drive it is either very old or a bargain basement computer. Neither is worth such a repair expense.

Now, if you can do the repairs yourself. You can pick up a 120GB to 256GB SSD for $45 to $80. Which is most likely worth the cost. Especially if you consider the performance improvement. Unless the computer is ancient.



First and foremost: Back up all your data (pics, music, documents, game saves, app installers) if you can still access the data. Don't worry too much about the OS unless its the installer. It sounds as if the HDD is dying and you might not have much time.

After backing up the hard drive, Use something like HDDScan or some other utility that can give a picture of the condition. (SMART reports or any other reports) Post a screenshot here, and we should be able to give you a better idea.

In the States, you can grab a 1TB model for around $50.00 USD. If your computer still serves you well, that might be a viable option, just replacing the drive, reinstalling your apps and moving your data back onto the new drive. If your computer isn't serving you well, we can help there too. We just need to know what Nation you'll be purchasing from, and your budget.