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I have a Quantum Fireball 6.4gig hard drive that I recently had set up as a dual boot system with win98 + Mandrake 7.2. I stuffed my 98 .VXD's and .DLL's and therefore had to clean the disk and try to reinstall.
I fdisked, formated and tried to reinstall Mandrake first and then win98. Each time I tried I got 90% the way through installation of each of the operating systems only to have the pc crash.
When rebooting after the crash I get GRUB showing on the drive and can't go anywhere. I tried fdisk /mbr but I get a boot sector virus warning. Then I tried to delete the partions but it tells me that I must delete any logical drives before deleting extended drives. So I tried deleting any logical partitions but when I did it told me there were no logical drives defined. This makes sense because there aren't any.

For some reason I can't get on to the Quantum help site.
I would try a low level format but my BIOS doesn't support it. (I have an IWILL KK266 motherboard + a Gigabyte ga-5aa aladin mother board)I have never done a low level format and don't know where to start.
I'm getting abit upset because I need a Linux machine for my studies.
Can anybody help please,
Thankyou jean.

jean eldridge


Linux Does funny things to hard drives, puts partitions there windows does not recognize. You have to use Quantums utility. Try partition magic this utility is awesome also I have actually used Western digital utility to remove Linux partitions. Once you get the partitions removed then re-do the disk like you would a new drive. Good luck hope this helps.

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