Feb 17, 2012
Hi guys i have a problem with my hard drives. I have 4 hard drives. 1 is an SSD 60 GIG agility 3, 1 is a western digital 300 gig Raptor, and 2 are 640 gig Western digital drives. This is a new build. I have the 4 drives hooked up with 6 gigbit wires and hooked up to the Sata e1 e2 and G1 G2 which are the first 4 holes on the mother board which match with the 6 gigbit wires.
Originally i used the harddrives from a different computer which they had windows on i formatted them viia windows install disc when installing windows on the SSD.

Cosmos 2 case
Asus P8Z68 Deluxe
4x2 Gskill xripjaws
1050hx Corsair PSU
2x 480GTX SLI

SO the problem is i installed windows on the SSD and everything works fine but when i go to my computer i dont see the other drives! I see them in Device manager i see them in bios, i Dont even see them in disk management....!!!! Ive been reading a lot of stuff but cant find anything that helps!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!
Make sure in the BIOS the SATA Mode is set to AHCI Mode.
And if required do a fresh Windows install on the SSD but this time do it after you have optimized the BIOS to your liking. And then partition & format the other drives during the Windows Install Process.



BEFORE you change your BIOS:

in regedit navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services, in the left pane click "msahci", in the right pane right click "start" then click "modify"

in the dialogue box that opens change the value from "3" to "0" and click OK.

close regedit and reboot.

THEN change your BIOS so you will be able to boot into windows w/o a BSOD