Question hard drive broken pins

May 8, 2019
i accidently broke the plastic thing attached to the pins on the sata hard drive connector. They were the data pins and not the power ones. So I watched some videos on YouTube and tried fixing it on my own. Despite the YouTubers saying "Make sure to not break any pin", I broke 2 of the 7 pins and connected the rest (5) of them successfully. Now I want to know what will happen next? Is it that my 2TB Hard drive will be only 1.4 TB now (doing the maths) or is it that the already slow 3Gb/s speed will be 2.1gbps now? Or willl function good? or not work at all?

Math Geek

if you can replace the whole interface, though i don't think that is possible, then you can try that.

otherwise replace the drive. there is no chance at all i'd risk my data on a drive with broken pins. just asking for data loss and problems down the road. i had a guy bring me his pc couple years back with the plastic broken off the power side.

he used it anyway and it shorted and caught the wires inside the case on fire!! psu shut down and prevented too much damage but it fried the psu in the process. you risk similar issues even though it is on the data side and not power side. there is still power flowing and since this is not protected by the psu you risk shorting and messing up the sata port at best or frying the whole motherboard or worse at the other end.

suck it up, replace that drive and don't mess with it. i don't even know how you would manage to break that piece of plastic off the drive anyway. i've seen it but no one ever ownes up to how they managed to do it.