Hard Drive Circuit Board replacement?


Dec 10, 2011
The problem is this..
My 2nd drive (500GB) no longer works....

A: If 2nd Drive is installed in the computer and i start the computer, it gets to the bios then restarts itself.
B: When it is not installed the computer runs.

I really don't want to do anything reckless as I don't want to lose the data on it if i don't have to.

C: I've been told that the Circuit Board might be bad and that it can be replaced with a same model. and not cause any problems.

D: Does this seem reasonable? or does it seem like another problem?

E: If i do need a different CB, what Specs would i have to match?

I thank you all in advance.


Dec 13, 2011
Hard drive failures are NOT always caused by circuit board failure.

Replacement the PCB will not solve the problem below:
1. The drive will power up normally (no ticking noises, errors etc) but will not be recognized by the computer;
2. The drive will power up normally and be recognized correctly but will report a size of 0 bytes;
3. The drive will power up but report SMART errors on boot;

If you want to search for a matching pcb, you can search on hdd zone. They sell pcb and can also help to find a matching pcb for your drive if you need do a pcb replacement.


Dec 10, 2011
no, it was same PC same hardware,
i was doing a virus scan then i was removing some found malicious content (pretty sure not on the drive in question since that only contained my own recordings and such) and after the reboot it kept restarting after the bios.

so i walked through the steps and unhooked my gpu, still rebooted after bios,
unhooked my other cards, still did it.
unhooked my 2nd hdd and it started up.
rehooked the 2nd hdd and it did it again..
unhooked it and it started up..
so i found that it was the drive...



Feb 4, 2015
I had a dead HD as a result of a bad power supply. It was dead, BIOS would not detect, would not spin up. nothing. Took it to two different computer shops, both said it was dead and it would be hundred of dollars to try to save the data with a clean room. I had most of my data backed up, so it was not critical, but I had some data I really wanted back. I noticed the circuit board had some burn marks, so I figured it was electrical. I found this website, www.onepcbsolution.com and figured it was a long shot, but I gave it a try. It worked perfectly, the drive was detected, spun up, and works perfectly now!

Might not work for everyone, but it worked for me.

@Caliber_C, if you drive doesn't spin up, or make any sounds as if it is trying to spin up, then it most probably has a PCB fault.

What is the model number of the drive? Can you show us a photo of the component side of the PCB? Sometimes there is a zero-cost DIY fix.