Hard drive clicking sound


Apr 8, 2011
I have an 80 gig WD IDE drive with win 7 64 bit SP1 and my question is that when I run my anti-virus it makes a rattling sound when the program starts and then the sound stops. The drive has been working very good with no sounds. I also found out that if I run a benchmark on the drive it will do the same thing at the start but then stops. This drive is about 5 years old with no other problems.

Does anyone know if this is a normal sound when running these 2 programs or is this drive about to fail?

I do know that when you benchmark a drive it will put a lot of stress on the drive and if the drive is weak it can fail.


Aug 29, 2006
Ugg the Caveman says: "Hard drive make noise. Hard drive die soon. Replace hard drive."

With a little more nuance, unusual noises may indicate that a drive is failing gradually. Even if there's only a ten percent chance that that particular drive is going to fail, if there is anything on that drive that you want to keep, make the investment in a new drive, copy everything over, and put the old one in a drawer as a last-gasp backup, or take it apart to see the shiny things inside.

Besides, a nice new SATA hard drive, or SSD, will give you a snappier Win7.

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