Jan 28, 2012
Hi there,

I have recently purchased a new HDD for my PC and getting ready for a clean install but am having a nightmare trying to figure out what configuration would work optimally in my setup.

The two drives I have available, currently, are;
300Gb Velociraptor Drive (10,000RPM, 16mb Cache) - WD3000GLFS
3tb Seagate Barracdua XT (7,200RPM, 64mb Cache) - ST33000651AS

Now I am unsure which to install the OS onto. I am currently thinking the faster RPM would be of benefit on the Velociraptor but am unsure?

I am also open to the idea of buying an SSD for boot, a 60 Corsair Force 3 Series is what I had in mind, but am unsure I will see a massive boot time decrease as I already boot very fast from the Velociraptor! Would I see a massive improvement?

Other PC Information;
ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
Intel i7-2600k 3.4Ghz @ 4.7Ghz
16.0Gb Corsiar Vengeance Ram

Please help! I've looked everywhere to try and figure this out but failing! :heink:


If you are happy with the performance of the discs you have, use the WD for the os and if you are into any game(s) you play a lot and often, you can put them there also. Since the other disk is very large, you could split it into 2 partitions. Then you can use one partition for data, music, pictures and other software; while the remaining partition can be used for back ups (I assume you are using Win 7 and it has a back up feature included). I would suggest 2 1.5T partitions or a 1T and a 2T depending on how much data and other stuff you have. I would use the 2T for back ups as you will want to back the boot drive and the data Partition.