Hard Drive D almost full


Mar 26, 2012

I keep getting a pop-up advising me that my D drive is almost full (6.06 MB free of 9.99 GB). I see that my C drive is not, registering at 48. GB free of 99.7 GB.

What can I do to free up space on my D drive - is there a way to compact/zip these contents?

Obviously, I don't want to damage my laptop, so would appreciate help, please.


That is most likely your manufacturer's recovery partition, so you don't want to start modifying/deleting content unless you have some good imaging software to backup / restore your system, and will have no need for the partition.

Wasn't meant to solve your problem, but to warn you of dangers of messing with the recovery partition. Your problem is that you have some APP or APPS adding files to it & you have to find a way to ID those.

You can extend the partition size with Easeus