Hard drive error?


Mar 15, 2012
first of all I want to thank you for having the time to read this.
my question is simple, I built a computer about a week ago, everythings is working fine. I installed windows 8 in a 2tb hdd. both hdd and optical drive are detected etc. but today I was using the computer as usual, left it alone for a couple of mins and when I came back I saw this:
No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

I decided to restart and everything started to work the way It used to, I checked bios and hdd is detected and working as usual. its been a couple of days sinc that happened and everything is perfectly fine. could it be that it was just a one-time error and it will not happen again? What do you guys think its the problem? faulty hdd, bad win 8 installation? thank you in advance.


Jun 12, 2012
If your hard drive was bad, it wouldn't have loaded the second time IMO.

You said that your HDD was detected in the BIOS. But is it set as your primary boot device? It won't automatically change the boot order, you have to do that yourself if you haven't already.
could be a few issue that are simple. hard drive firmware has a bug when your system tried to go into sleep mode..it did not power down right. your mb bios needs to be patched for windows 8. i know my asus sabertooth has a few windows 8 patches for the bios. there a bug between the mb sleep state and windows power management. may want to try turn off the mb power savings and see if windows 8 bug. most good pc bios have a delay set in them to let the hard drive spin up and reconect to the sata chipset. (check to see that your hard drive connected to the intel/amd chipset and not the 3 party chipset.)